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These are the services used by the marble industry to correct and protect all marble, granite, travertine and all stone surfaces. Your marble surfaces will look like new again when you use the marble services of Italian Marble Polishing in all of South Florida. Our team of skilled professionals brings a wealth of knowledge to every job. Customer service is a high priority for Italian Marble Polishing. Our skilled professionals are at your disposal to provide expert assistance in any or all of the following areas, depending upon your individual needs. Please ask about our products savings package or applicators for floors, walls and countertop that are essential to keeping your floor looking like the first day it was completed.


Removes dirt, stains and bacteria. Cleaning also helps to remove waxes and polymers that have become embedded. It is imperative that you use a neutral balance pH cleaner, .07 balance, so when maintenance is done if not the floor will begin to haze, and the finish could wear off. I will supply you with the proper literature, and verbal information on where to buy the product in the future. If it is a large area floor, I will provide you with the supplies needed, we also offer maintenance programs.

Diamond Grinding

Eliminates scratches, blemishes and removes lippage (uneven tile edges). Achieved by machine with many different levels of diamond grits and water that does not create dust. This is the same process used in the quarry after the Marble or stone is quarried it is rough Diamond-ground, and brought up through grits 36 - 8000, in order to achieve the factory finish that you see in the showroom. However, it is unsealed and will rarely last 6 months to one year without having a treatment, when you call us for an estimate to do you floor we will typically do a light diamond grinding maintenance to restore it to its factory finish then seal it. You will typically get 2 - 3 years of use out of your floor, depending on the traffic level on your floor. We offer a maintenance program, so you never have to go through this process again.


Highest level of shine that can be achieved on all marble, stone or granite. Very reflective and glossy. Please ask about our maintenance program.

Satin Finish & Honing

Removes minor scratches and wear from everyday foot traffic. This process leaves a low to no finish result, which is very desirable to achieve the old European look, which is very easy to care for and is a huge trend with decorators today for an old world look and tradition. This is the best floor finish for low maintenance.


Removes topical coatings that block stone's ability to naturally reflect, which causes spalling (when the stones crack, pop and shale). Some examples of common coatings are janitorial waxes, polyurethane, etc…

Color Enhancing

Provided by the use of penetrating sealers / impregnators formulated to enhance or enrich the color of your stone.


Protects and preserves natural stone against scratching and staining in high traffic areas; and increases slip resistancy (using penetrating sealers/impregnators). This is the most natural Sealer known to man, professional grade.

Maintenance Available Upon Request

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